Practice, practice, practice

I have been practicing playing the banjo a little every day.  On good days I get an hour in, on bad days I get 20 minutes.  I have found that one good time to practice is during lunch in my office.  So far my colleagues have been nice.  No one has complained about my playing.  A benefit of practicing at home is that my children like to practice along with me.  We have an old banjo-uke that I have strung with stings from my banjo.

Em and Zee have played that a lot.  So much apparently that Em asked for a ukelele for Christmas.  I couldn’t resist.  I bought her one.  Tonight she said that she wanted to find some private time when she and I could practice together.  Of course I liked hearing that.  I told her that we would.  The trick is keeping Zee from feeling left out and compelled to climb on us or pull the strings himself.

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