Moved Down to Tampa Bay

At first I was not that keen on this relocation, but it has really worked out for me. The company won this contract doing work at McDill Air Force Base here in Tampa Bay. I have been down here for about a month and a half now and things have really turned in my favor. It really started when I was looking at one bedroom apartments for rent in South Tampa FL. I just happened to move in right next to this really gorgeous woman. She is about five years younger than me and I just lucked into the right time and place. I was out on the deck getting some sun and having a nice lunch when she came out to sun bathe right next door. This is one of those places where they have big open decks side by side. If your neighbor is obnoxious or annoying, that is terrible. When your neighbor is a really friendly young beauty, then this is as awesome as it can be.

At any rate I had made fish tacos and the truth is that I am a really good cook. I worked the kitchen at a really nice restaurant in the while I was in college, and I did not walk away from the job without learning my way around a menu. At any rate this is a really useful skill for a lot of situations and if you want to get to know a young lady it really helps you a lot. As they say one thing does lead inevitably to another. Once you get your foot in the door that gives you the real opportunity to close the deal. I could really not be any happier, we are talking about moving in together. That is a big step, but it seems right to me.

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