Just good contingency planning?

I have been expecting a terrorist attack prior to the November elections for almost a year now. An attack then would be convenient for BushCo since Americans might be more likely to stay the course — in time of war — and vote Bush back in. Some commenters have said that I am a conspiracy theorist, nuts and worse. But then in the last couple of weeks we have heard repeated warnings about attacks to disrupt the election. Attacks planned by Osama himself — so these threats must be serious.

Of course, if the U.S. had put 160,000 troops into Afghanistan instead of Iraq Osama wouldn’t likely be a threat any more. Or maybe he isn’t a threat now.

Would you be surprised if he were “found” and “captured” just before the November elections? That would sure give BushCo a boost. Of course, if a terrorist attack and the displaying of Osama isn’t enough to assure victory for Bush then one could always “suspend” the elections. Suspending the elections in the case of a national emergency is the latest idea being floated by U.S.

officials. In order to maintain plausable deniability about these ideas, Condileeza Rice says that there is no plan to delay the November elections. Do you believe her? Remember she was one of the many who said that Iraq had WMDs. If we take her statement at face value, perhaps there is no plan now, but there will be soon.

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