I Wrecked My Bike This Weekend

Of course I really like to get on my bike and ride on a Saturday morning, but there is a definite risk to it. You want to try to find a road with a bike lane or better yet you should ride on bike paths where there are not any other vehicles that can potentially kill you. I did not get hit by a car, but instead I got clipped by the mirror on a pick up truck. It was one of those mirrors like you use when you are pulling something big. I went to a chiropractor in Sacramento and had him give me a back adjustment after I figured out that was what I needed. They took me to the hospital first and that was a long day. They started to poke and prod me and tried to figure out what all was wrong with me, but it turned out that I was mostly okay.

There were a lot of bumps and bruises and I was scraped up and cut all over, even though I was wearing protective gear. I had worn a helmet that I will not be wearing again. You can not tell it at first, but there is a crack in it. That probably would not be a big deal in a small crash, but if you had a major collision that would be a real issue. At any rate my back was killing me and I did not see the point in just taking a whole lot of pain pills. That really does not fixes anything. All that it does is cover up the pain, but the underlying problem is still there and it will stay there until you find a way to fix it. I realized that a chiropractor was the only thing to see.

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