Forward Rolls

I’ve stopped my banjo lessons.  They were helpful.  I learned a lot about proper handling of the banjo.  Picking with one hand and fretting with the other.  But every technique takes practice.  And more practice.  And more practice.  I have to practice until I can move my fingers without thinking about them.  They need to acquire muscle memeory.  That is difficult.  Ideally I would practice an hour a day.  Most of the time I am lucky if I can practice a half hour.  Often I don’t get to practice at all.

This meant that I couldn’t keep up with what I should get from lessons.  The last three lessons my instructor said, “Great, there is nothing new for now.  You have to keep practicing. ”  At 20 bucks a pop being told to just keep on was getting too expensive.  I have kept up practicing and I have a video that is teaching me new slides and rolls.  I’ll work my way slowly through it in the next couple of months.  If I progress well maybe I’ll resume lessons.   Nobody told me that the banjo is one of the most difficult stringed instruments to play.  But then I never asked.

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