“Brilliant”.  That is what Justin Hayward said when he first heard this.  I grew up listening to all kinds of music.  Country, country rock, electronic, pop and rock.  The Moody Blues were one of my favorites, especially “Nights in White Satin”.

I still listen to many different styles of music, but the Byrd kids have complained that the stereo has been “too loud,” so I for the past year I have leaned more toward folk and bluegrass — acoustic music.

The fact that I am “picking the banjo” now and that Mrs. Byrd plays the guitar, only furthers the emphasis on acoustic music in the Byrdhouse.   You have to listen to some of the songs on this album to appreciate it.

This isn’t a sarcastic tribute to the Moody’s electronic music.  Much attention to detail and respect for the original sons is evident.  The mandolin replaces the flute on these tracks and lends a new, fresh air, to the songs.

The lyrics in a Moody’s song were always important.  Now without the electronic effects one hears them in a new light and with the southern twang — if that doesn’t bother you — of some of the vocalists these songs almost sound new.   Granted not all of the songs are great, but take a listen.

If you like bluegrass and the Moody Blues, you won’t be disappointed.  Now too, the Byrd kids — Em and Zee — can hear the Moody Blues without complaining that the music is too loud.  Another plus.

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