Blame Game

The game is afoot. BushCo is feeling the heat. The blame bullseye is coming into focus on BushCo’s forehead. Time to move the bullseye. That is much of what this “reform the intelligence community” White House talk is about. If BushCo truly believes that reform is needed then there are two possibilities and neither is very good. Either BushCo has been unhappy for a long time with the intelligence received and the interagency communications and did nothing to improve the situation. Or BushCo has just come to the party, listened to the 9/11 Commissioner member statements and decided that reform is needed. Some leadership. Who elected these people?

However, neither scenario is the reality. The reality is that BushCo is feeling the heat, for being focused on Iraq and the rest of its neocon agenda and failing to heed intelligence on Al Queada. “It is not our fault. They did it. We didn’t do it.” Why do I feel like I am in a grade school playground?

President Bush said Monday that “now may be a time to revamp and reform our intelligence services,” opening the way for consideration of changes at the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and other agencies.


Expanding the powers of the director of central intelligence and establishing a domestic intelligence agency like the MI5 in Britain are among ideas now circulating in Washington as the independent commission looking into the attacks holds hearings and prepares to make its own recommendations.

Mr. Bush, speaking to reporters at his ranch in Texas at an appearance with President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, did not mention any specific changes but said he looked forward to receiving the commission’s proposals. “We’re thinking about that ourselves and we look forward to working with the commission,” he said.

NYTimes (registration required)

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