A Chiropractor Helps a Lot of Us

I started seeing a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA on a regular basis after one of my friends at the senior citizen center told all of us about her doctor. She had gone to him because her arthritis was just too painful to deal with anymore, and she did not want to have to take prescription drugs every day. She asked her primary care physician what she could do about it, and he suggested that she see a chiropractor. He told her that this kind of doctor can not cure her arthritis, but he can do preventative measures due to the damage that is caused by it.

She scheduled an appointment for later that week, and she was very happy when she was through with that first visit. Continue reading “A Chiropractor Helps a Lot of Us”

Moved Down to Tampa Bay

At first I was not that keen on this relocation, but it has really worked out for me. The company won this contract doing work at McDill Air Force Base here in Tampa Bay. I have been down here for about a month and a half now and things have really turned in my favor. It really started when I was looking at one bedroom apartments for rent in South Tampa FL. I just happened to move in right next to this really gorgeous woman. She is about five years younger than me and I just lucked into the right time and place. I was out on the deck getting some sun and having a nice lunch when she came out to sun bathe right next door. This is one of those places where they have big open decks side by side. If your neighbor is obnoxious or annoying, that is terrible. Continue reading “Moved Down to Tampa Bay”

I Wrecked My Bike This Weekend

Of course I really like to get on my bike and ride on a Saturday morning, but there is a definite risk to it. You want to try to find a road with a bike lane or better yet you should ride on bike paths where there are not any other vehicles that can potentially kill you. I did not get hit by a car, but instead I got clipped by the mirror on a pick up truck. It was one of those mirrors like you use when you are pulling something big. I went to a chiropractor in Sacramento and had him give me a back adjustment after I figured out that was what I needed. They took me to the hospital first and that was a long day. Continue reading “I Wrecked My Bike This Weekend”